Solstar® develops proprietary technologies and payload & space communicator products, providing commercial internet/communications services to astronauts and machines in space. Our services also enable earth-based customers 24/7 direct access to experiments, cubesats, machines, and colleagues located in space, via their smart phones, or any other internet connected device.


With one space flight down in 2018 and one more to go, our ambition is to be part of every commercial space flight in the future. This will make communication, experiments and travel easier. We aim to prove our effectiveness to multiple commercial space companies to build Solstar into an internationally recognized brand that will be an attractive acquisition for the rapidly-growing private space race.

Solstar Space is raising capital right now on an investment crowdfunding platform called Wefunder. For as little as 100 USD, you too can become an early investor in our company. By 7th August, 107+ Investors contributed already $169,502. To learn more about this investment opportunity, and our investor perks, please click on the link below: