Space-based communications innovation leader recognized as visionary progressing rapidly changing new space industry into the future.

July 6, 2021 – SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, U.S.

Solstar Space, the company making continuous space-based communications accessible, announced today that its Founder and CEO M. Brian Barnett was recognized in Industry Era’s 10 Best CEOs of 2021 list. The list highlights CEOs for their visionary leadership, innovations, and ability to navigate quickly changing business environments. 

“Solstar Space provides in-flight internet to spacecraft and astronauts, just like the internet you would use on a commercial airliner flight. Communications in space have traditionally been difficult and had many limitations. We make communication in space as easy as it is on Earth. We provide that seamless, continuous communications experience we have all come to take for granted here on the ground to the people and spacecraft operating in suborbital and orbital environments,” says M. Brian Barnett, Founder and CEO of Solstar Space. “I’m humbled to be recognized aside so many other phenomenal and inspiring professionals. When we flew our Schmitt Space Communicator SC-1x prototype payload on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, where we demonstrated our Wi-Fi hot spot service inside the crew capsule, it was a highlight. It is great to have this opportunity to share our mission with a broader audience,” shares Barnett. 

The annual special edition, 10 Best CEOs of the Year, is recognized for featuring visionaries and thought-leaders across a broad range of technology fields. Industry Era focuses on technology, management, world-changing ideas, creativity, and the perspectives of established leaders. 

Under Barnett’s leadership, Solstar Space is making space-based communications more available, reliable, and easier to use. Barnett and the team at Solstar Space are making continuous communications throughout launch, orbit, and landing possible for small satellite operators and users, payloaders, government and military organizations, space ground control, earth observation, and space tourism companies.

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