Dr. Pat Hynes

Dr. Pat Hynes

Curator, International Symposium for Personal & Commercial Spaceflight

Completed Ph.D. in 1998. I worked full time while getting this degree. It helped me understand how much more I could do with my time. I like to work through people who are in harmony and curious about this very difficult challenge of commercial access to space for humans.
Connector among NASA, government, global commercial space industry & academic communities. Major purpose; Increase access to space for humans and cargo.
Director of the Center for Aerospace Science, Technology and Education in 2000.
•1998-2018 Director, NMSGC. Established the New Mexico Space Grant Leonard R. Sugerman Endowment @NMSU.
2012- Present. Executive Director & Founder Commercial Space Progress Foundation. Supports the development of the Commercial Space Flight industry.
•CoFounder and Curator of the International Symposium for Personal Spaceflight in 2005.
Director, NASA New Mexico EPScoR
Member of FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation Executive Council
•Served on National Space Grant Executive Council, Treasurer of the National Space Grant Alliance and Treasurer of the National Space Grant Foundation. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Board member..
Founder of the Student Launch Program: Current program has sent 78 experiments to space.
Funding for students and faculty to design, build test and fly experiments to space, build satellites for low earth orbit research, and just completed a radio antenna for tracking LEO satellites.
Focus: work with high net worth individuals, federal agency administrators, prime contractors & investors developing the commercial space flight industry's capabilities. We gather at ISPCS.com. 2 day event for designers, developers, finance & research teams who are seriously curious & interested to increase access to space for humans & cargo.
Just in case you are wondering what I do for fun, run in the desert here in New Mexico. Garden. Enjoy my work and life