Welcome to Solstar´s corporate identity center. Here you will find all the resources from our brand for different purposes.

Our corporate image is how people perceive our brand, and remember it. Therefore, we follow strict image & third part representation protocols to ensure that our culture, reputation, history and ambitions are properly represented anywhere and remain as we hardly worked for.

Please read carefully the corporate manual or watch the video on how to make a proper use of Solstar´s logo and corporate identity.

Download Our Corporate guide here

Solstar Logo is the only logo authorized for Solstar Internal/External communications and authorized third part representation.

This section gives details on size, proportions, colors and non authorized uses of Solstar´s logo.

Our logo is preferred on a white, neutral surface or with light color

Color codes are the following: 
Blue: C100 M63 Y0 K41 | R0 G56 B150 | #003896
White: C0 M0 Y0 K0 | R255 G255 B255 | #FFFFFF

Download Solstar Logo