Solstar CEO, M. Brian Barnett, interviews Charlie Walker who became the world's first commercial astronaut when he flew on three Space Shuttle flights as an employee of the former aerospace giant, McDonnell Douglas Corp.  

Charlie is an advisor to Solstar Space Co. Barnett asks Charlie about what space to ground communications were like on the Space Shuttle when he was operating an experiment in the space shuttle middeck.  Charlie describes how Solstar's services would have benefitted him during his flight. Confirmed by NASA in 1983 as the first industrial payload specialist.

Mr. Walker accompanied the McDonnell Douglas CFES equipment on Space Shuttle missions 41D, 51D, and 61B, accumulating 20 days of experience in space and traveling 8.2 million miles. Aboard these Space Shuttle missions Mr. Walker also performed early protein crystal growth experiments and participated as a test subject in numerous medical evaluations.