We managed to send first commercial Tweet from space. Our flights onboard Blue Origin rockets were on April 29th, 2018 and July 18, 2018. Photo shows Solstar Team with Crew Capsule landing site.  The Schmitt SC-1x Space Communicator is inside the crew capsule.  From left, Charlie Whetsel (Senior Programmer), Terra Shephard (Electrical Engineer), M. Brian Barnett (Founder and CEO), Dr. Mark Matossian (COO). (Photo credit Blue Origin)

Solstar Team Members celebrating with the Blue Origin Team.  In front of the New Shepard launch vehicle that carried the Schmitt Space Communicator to space, shortly after it landed at Blue Origin’s West Texas Launch Site. (Photo credit Blue Origin)

M. Brian Barnett and Dr. Mark Matossian with Schmitt Space Communicator post-flight

Happy and Gratified Solstar Team Members with the Schmitt Space Communicator Post-Flight: Back Row:   M. Brian Barnett (CEO) and Dr. Mark Matossian (COO).  Front row from left:  Lukas Lucero (Production), Joseph Baltzer (Cinematography), Kristina Korsholm (Branding and Media Lead), Leif Rasmussen (Compliance).

Happy and Relieved!  Immediately after the Space Tweet posted successfully (from left):  Charlie Whetsel (Senior Programmer), M. Brian Barnett (Founder and CEO), Dr. Mark Matossian (Co-Founder and COO)

Reporting live from the Solstar Launch Watch Party outside Blue Origin’ launch facility:  Kristina Korsholm (Branding and Media Lead)