27 Jan

Solstar Space Company has received the Mobile Satellite Users Association “Chairman’s Award: Outstanding Innovation for User Community Development”. New this year, the Chairman’s Award celebrates the founding principle of MSUA, which was to engage new and expanding user communities to aid in the adoption of and use cases for satellite connectivity. MSUA is recognizing Solstar Space for their patent-pending technology and process to provide data communications services connecting people on earth to people, things, and machines in space, using existing (and emerging) MSS constellations and ground infrastructure. This means satellite connectivity can now enable WiFi access to astronauts and future travelers in space.

Solstar CEO M. Brian Barnett and Co-founder Dr. Mark Matossian, received the award from MSUA Vice Chairman Mark Sykes, at the MSUA annual luncheon held in conjunction with the SATELLITE 2020 conference in Washington DC.“I am so honored to receive this award” said Solstar Space Company CEO M. Brian Barnett. “It really means a lot to us to be recognized by our peers.”<br>“The innovations within our industry create enormous value to user communities extending to every geography, market and discipline. MSUA promotes these solutions to enhance mobile connectivity worldwide”, said Frank August, Secretary of MSUA and Emcee of this year’s award ceremony.The luncheon was attended by MSUA members and others involved with or following the satellite mobility community. MSUA has an internationally distributed membership comprised of a variety of satellite companies delivering mobility solutions to the market. This year, MSUA celebrated the innovations of – Inmarsat Government, Speedcast, Zoleo, Isotropic Networks, Inmarsat, ST Engineering, as well as Solstar Space.

Solstar’s Schmitt Space Communicator SC-1x prototype first flew to space onboard Blue Origin’s rocket ‘New Shepard’ on April 29th, 2018. Solstar achieved the first commercial WiFi hotspot and commercial internet service, sending the first commercial tweet from space. The Schmitt Space Communicator demonstrated the WiFi hot spot service inside and outside the spacecraft, for second time on July 18, 2018. The original router has been accessioned into the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum’s collection. Solstar’s Schmitt Space Communicator was recently signed by NASA Administrator Jim Bridestine, ahead of the delivery to the Smithsonian this week.

Solstar Space Company CEO M. Brian Barnett with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine
Solstar Space Company CEO M. Brian Barnett with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine
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