20 Jan

Dear Solstar Supporter, We hope this message finds you safe, and in good health. Like with all industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has caught the space, satellite and telecommunication industries off guard in a year where we were expecting great progress. We are sorry to see the decline of some of our partners and competitors in the satellite communications industry during this turbulent time, and wish them the best as they move forward. These are uncertain times for all of us, but we at Solstar Space Company want to assure you that we will weather this storm.

Our business model is strong, and is holding up during this crisis. We do not have the expensive overheads of producing satellites or ground stations. We are moving forward strongly, executing our business plan, and continuing the development of our space communicators.

Solstar Space Company harnesses the power of the very best existing infrastructure to facilitate constant communication with space assets. Solstar Space Company’s vision is to become the space-based internet service provider of choice, bringing the Internet of Things to every machine and person in Earth orbit and beyond. We are developing the technology to create a space wide web. We enable 24/7 secure, economical, convenient, two-way, internet-based communications with every “thing” in space. Solstar’s two-way data communications also enable earth-based customers 24/7 direct access to experiments, cubesats, machines and colleagues located in space, via their smart phones, or any other internet-connected device.

Now, more than ever, we recognize how vital constant communication is to everyday life on Earth. In fact, satellite communications become vital during crisis situations like we are weathering now by assuring continuity of operations for government agencies and businesses. We are looking at ways we can support communication and education efforts in our community, and applaud the efforts made by space agencies and companies to provide tools for remote learning and promote STEM education.We wish you all good health and look forward to staying connected with you.

Ad Astra!

M. Brian Barnett - Founder and CEO

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